How to beat Covid19?

April 9, 2020 8 By SORATH SEAN


For the article of How to beat Covid19? is introduce you the real experience of the doctor in charge of the taking care the patients of Covid19 in the United States, for more detail please read the below.

Currently most countries in the world are facing the Covid19 pandemic and some countries are announced as an emergency and lock their countries down. Such as The United States of America, Mr. President announced his people to lock down until the end of April 2020, The United Kingdom was announced the full coronavirus lock down since March 23, 2020, The United Arab Emirates have been under an overnight curfew since March 26, 2020, Moscow’s residents were ordered to stay in their houses since March 30,2020, Singapore closed schools and all nonessential businesses and Japan’s Prime Minister announced a state of emergency in Tokyo and six other regions on April 08, 2020, and most other countries take restriction measure for protecting the outbreak of the Covid 9.


The last article we have discussed about the topic on how to avoid Covid19 that we focus on the more general meaning and the cause of occurring Coronavirus, current statistic of the outbreak, symptoms, and the way to protect against Covid19 based on the guideline of the World Health Organization (WHO). This article we will in introduce the Covid19 awareness that instructed by Dr. David Price who work at Weill Conell Medical Center (WCMC) in New York City on March 22, 2020. This video was published on the social network, the Facebook by Mr. Donald Trump Jr who is President Donald Trump’s son. Dr. David Price earned experience during stay and taking care the patients of Covid19 and exclusively treats COVID-19 patients on Sunday, April 05, 2020, the said You don’t have to be scared and also revealed how to beat Covid19.

Dr. David Price cover the following topics:

He as lo make more detail based on his experience that work directly with Covid19 victims in Weill Conell Medical Center in the New York City as below.


Dr. David said that I think It is really important and we learn a lots in the last couple weeks among how to get this disease? and the overall is distance contact with someone who have this disease which the best majority people with fever and aches or someone who is about to get the disease, So someone in the next one or two days gonna develop the symptoms of the disease.

The way that your get this is the transmission of the virus almost exclusively from your hand to a face, and transmit into your eyes, into your nose, and into the mouth.

Beside the talking about the contact hand to face, the also talks about the air visualize can pandemic diseases in the air. The fall in this point is that your actually have to have very wrong distance contact. He stimulated that when your stay over 15 to 30 minutes with the unprotected environments it can make your get this is disease. The unprotected environment mean in very closed room without any type of mask


He provides 4 tips to protect ourselves as the following:

  1. Social distance: Like we describe about your can not stay with the people who have coronavirus more that 15 – 30 minutes.
  2. Wash your hand: When your touch any items in your home just make sure your are washing your hands.
  3. Do not touch your face: Start to learn how to not touch your face is really the way to reduce the transmission of virus.
  4. Wearing mask: That is starting to wear mask at your home. Wear masks in your home, your don’t need manufactured mask, or medical mask, any mask your can wear because this is not for protecting the disease it is just to learn to wear mask, but when your go to the public area or in the crowd.

When your understand these four rule, your don’t afraid to outside walk now, your do not need to scare your neighbors.


In Wuhan, China and throughout the world, the worst of majority spread of Covid19 is through home and families transmission. If your have something a feel like a cold, your feel like getting sick, is taking a cause of Covid19 for one or two days. If one or two days your still much better and it is like the thousand of cold or fever that your had in the pass year that your had it, your don’t have Covid19 and any go back to completely normal living at home with your families.

Try take it just important a place we get endanger is people being too carefully when development symptoms and giving the expose to families too early and when they get feel understand at home regard to too much interaction in your families.

You can have Covid19 in your health and everyone else are not or be protected and be completely safe.

If your have vulnerable population in your families, if your live with lovely 95 your grand mother, your know somebody in your house have been more healthy and someone in the house is get sick, it need to find another segmentation for that patients and practice strict isolation of that family member.

We know all the population is the secret population when they get this disease so that is way your safe stay home with families especially for whom have the vulnerable, your need a self practice in the house for the completely isolated from the person who is sick


In the video Dr. David Price stated that “When we go to the hospital?” and the answers himself that your go the hospital when

  • You feel have a short breath come to the hospital, that is a clear thing, is not I have a fever, is not I think I have a Covid19, it’s not , and so on.
  • Of the entire people who get the Covid19, about 10 percent to go to the hospital because they get short breath.
  • Of the 10 percent of those, 2 or 3 precents is required permission of ICU.
  • The important thing your must know is go to hospital is not make sense for the safe place communities, go to hospital when your sort a breath, don’t go to hospital because your have Covid19.

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