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Covid 19 and the elderly; treatment and use of medicines

April 13, 2020 14 By SORATH SEAN


During the high outbreak of the Covid-19, We want our audiences know about the real experience of the patient who has recovered from Covid 19 and the way to avoid covid 19, this article was published by Facebook pages of the National Television (TVK) on April 07, 2020, at 4:42 PM (Local Time) in Khmer language. He is the Government official, he has stated the situation related to the treatment, use of medicines and medical capabilities.

As a 39-year-old civil servant, he shares his personal experience and experience of going through the 19-weeks treatment of Covid 19 at Khmer-Soviet Hospital.

Below are the real and original statement that we translated from Khmer language:


My case was from attending an international workshop in France with about 30 participants, and the workshop came to an abrupt halt after learning that a Filipino had the disease. The other trainees demanded a test, but the French refused to act because they were not present. Two other foreign trainees also told us they had a positive test after returning home.

Returning to the country as a precautionary measure, I rented a condo for my family for 14 days. A day later, seven days after I came in contact with someone who had the virus, and had a strange feeling of breathing, diarrhea, but no fever. The second day of diarrhea, though there was nothing wrong with eating, and the feeling of tightness in neck and warmth. Sleep on a hot night and sweat quickly, tired and restless.

I also asked for a checkup at a Khmer Soviet Hospital, and they took a cotton swab, looked at my nose and throat, and took my samples. After finding positive results to keep the patients’ confidential and identifiable, and to protect the public’s health, they asked me who I met, where to eat, and so on. My condominium rentals were sterilized and the room cleaner also put on track.


The most important drug is Kaletra, which is used to fight HIV. This strong drug can cause upset stomach and difficulty sleeping. On the third day, the doctor gave them a new drug, Chloroquine, a malaria drug to prevent the virus from spreading to the lungs. Neither of these drugs is intended to be a cure, only to prevent the spread of the virus. Alternatively, give fever medicines is Doliprane is diarrhea medicine.

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Patients with mild symptoms were only prescribed Kaletra, but I and a Frenchman with respiratory problems required more Chloroquine. My doctor gave me 10 days of Chloroquine to get rid of the risk of pneumonia. Symptoms of pneumonia are three at the same time: constant fever, cough, and shortness of breath. But I did not have a regular fever.


In that time, the patients were an elderly couple, an Englishman, a Belgian and two French men, and four Khmer Muslims, all of their symptoms are not the same. Of the 10 patients, only me and a Frenchman had respiratory problems, while the others did not seem to have any significant symptoms. They have only a slight fever or difficulty sleeping or stomach cramps.

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Symptoms are not stable. After being admitted to the hospital, my throat was tight, as is there was an itch in my throat. I have no previous history of respiratory illness. My voice started to get hoarse and coughing every time while I am speaking. I can breathe, but breathing is difficult. Heavy breathing, and coughing, or wheezing. Sleep flat is hard to breathe until slightly vertical, and the sleep is difficult. Due to the anti-viral effects of the virus also sometimes causes stomach upset, sometimes difficulty sleeping, sometimes in hot sleep, sweating. But the doctor did not give us a fast or a diet of any food, and whatever we can eat when we are hungry.

For strength, is sometimes strong, is sometimes weakness. The other patients were the same. By the 10th of the day morning, I was feeling really better in my throat. I was so happy, but in the afternoon, a sore throat again, because I want to be better soon, I try to eat a lot of food and stay under the sunshine in the morning 30 minutes and afternoon 30 minutes.

I was exhausted and my condition was down. and had difficulty breathing until need oxygen helped and I was exhausted until inject the serum my health was restored. This was the most down day for me, after that, I started to regain my health, not to over eat or exercise.

I try to listen to what my body requires. I try to eat a little but many times and always have the appetizers in my stomach to maintain my strength. Try to drink lots of water for cleaning my throat. When we have poor health and when we have low blood pressure, we can sometimes have nightmares. It’s not just me, they’re the foreigners also said as well. Maintaining good health and strength is important. We can not force ourselves to become fast restore.


Initially, the doctor said that the patients will take the virus test every three days and is the negative was to be put somewhere else because the place keep for another positive one. After that, the policy was changed for a two-day review. After two consecutive negative tests, I was allowed to leave the that place and still continued follow up for two weeks. Over the course of two weeks, the test will be repeated once or twice to make sure that the virus is gone.

Two consecutive negative test results are not immediate. Looking at the surrounding patients, including myself, takes about three weeks until those viruses go away on their own, depending on the strength and immunity of our immune system and the duration of the infection. Some may be faster or longer, which is not identified at the exact time.


As mentioned above, the results of two consecutive negative tests are not easy because sometimes negative ones and only positive post-tests are common for the patients of Covid 19. Therefore, such stressful sometimes cause severe depression. Foreigners who are worried about flying back home are anxious. The old English woman wept every day. Sometime a Belgian man yells to loudly, unable to control his emotions. French men who have no health problems can also experience seizures with fear and anxiety.

I also asked them that what is the benefit that Cambodia leaving you at hospitalized is you are recovered from the disease? I said even is in France just asking for a test, they would not. And they were silent. I’m not saying the end of the story is that Cambodia looks at them for free, and that Cambodia also needs to look after its own people.

Seeing their negative than positive tests, I told myself that I didn’t care for the temporary result, I only wanted to hear the negative twice. When I found out that my own health was not easy, I didn’t want to take the test. Most important, do not be anxious about leaving the hospital. To think how long it must last, have to heal for ourselves, for families, and for society.

The Muslim guys have a good control of their emotions through their regular prayer. The foreigners complained a lot and complained that there was no cleaning. Khmer patients do not complain much and have good emotional control. In our spare time, we are cleaning the beds and bathrooms for our good environment. When saw the Khmer did this, the foreigners began to emulate. They should also understand that this is not a hotel and staff are not always coming in to serve us. Staff were also afraid of contracting the disease.


In the hospital, patients of Covid 19 were put in a separate building “quarantine”, and no one could enter. The premises are divided into four sections are a patient’s room, a doctor’s room, a disinfectant room, and a patient’s patio. The sterile room is in the middle of the doctor’s and patients’ rooms. When the paramedics go out, they have to wear protective clothing from head to toe and into the room, spray alcohol on and off. The patient’s room is a single room with 10 beds. Doctors explained that the room was technically designed for infection, ventilation, UV-light, disinfectant, on-camera access, and telephone response when needed. Staff members come three times a day to monitor their health, provide medications, provide food and clean up.


The ministry of Health’s action on finding patients in Cambodia has taken proper action. We work closely with the World Health Organization (WHO). We have many cases of suspicion and no money for free. The Ministry is asking who we (Patients) have met and how they are. Even my condo cleaner was put on a 14-day quarantine and follow-up. See the mechanism of the Ministry is trying to catch people who have the virus is a good way to prevent and protection the spread of disease. The ministry is very careful and patient. In some cases, this may be due to the fact that the patient may not want to be hospitalized.

The dedication of medical personnel on the front lines was high. During their care, they were unable to see their family, and at the end of the shift, they were given a 14-day quarantine period to monitor their health before being able to return to normal with their family.

Our problem today is that we have a shortage of medical staff and medical facilities, technical standards and hygiene. Although the Khmer Soviet Hospital was of high standard, the preparations were not prepared for serious cases. For example, and had lung problems, but in the treatment room I didn’t have a lung recorder and they couldn’t take me to another place. The treatment room should also have a separate building that can isolate critically ill patients.

The medical staff did not seem to have equal skill and profession. Some doctors have taken samples of nasal bleeding, some doctors have not been able to get a sample of the throat, some have misplaced needles, etc, but this is just a small case. However, there should be rehearsals both in the city and in the countryside to be prepared in the event of a major emergency, which requires many medical personnel, including reserve personnel and medical personnel. When they are well-trained, they will have more confidence to work equally, and people will feel more confident.

The greatest concern is the technical standards and level of sanitation in rural areas. This is certainly not a simple matter, and requires scenario-ready preparation of stages and technical planning with a great deal of planning.

It’s okay” is an accident, and “panic” seems as is the world is gone. Therefore, we have to face the fact that the epidemic of Covid 19 is at high risk and at the same time we have to be well-prepared to avoid a major emergency. The preparations need to be coordinated by both the authorities and the people. All people need to know that the disease is curable and that moderate and severe cases are rare. Citizens must have confidence in the medical capacity of Khmer doctors. Citizens must heed authority’s instructions for managing and monitoring personal health, not to be fooled by misinformation or unsubstantiated information.

What we mention above is the original massage from the Covid 19, please read for earning the experience and taking care your health to avoid Covid 19.

Don’t forget to practice the rules for avoiding Covid 19 altogether – Social Distance, Wearing Mask, Wash your hand regularly, and do not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose.

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