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Every morning I always drink water 1.5 liters after getting up with an empty stomach, because it is the best component to improve my health and normally I drink around 2 to 3 liters daily. So we must drink the water regularly, we don’t drink whenever we feel thirsty or we feel need to drink both at home and at the work places. Most people busy with their works and forget to drink the water, the main reason is they feel take too much time or don’t have the easy way to take a cup of water. You can imagine this picture by yourself then you will see the exact reason. If you are one among of them, now this is your tern to change your habit. In order to make you more convenience for taking care your health by practical drinking water 2 or 3 liters per day unless you should the water purifier machine in your home or your office.

This article we will introduce you the good water purifier machine branded “AVALON” was named as Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser – Hot & Cold Water, NSF Certified Filter- UL/Energy Star Approved- White.

Before you make decision to purchase the water purifier machine you should read all below information in detail as the knowledge and make it the main tool to make decision.


Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Bottle less Water Cooler Water Dispenser is made with innovation and style. The easy-to-use paddle spouts make it much more convenient to use and give you a good water purifier machine.

The cold water is approximately 47° F. The hot is approximately 185° F. Due to the extremely hot water, this purifier machine has added a child lock on the hot water faucet. There is a built-in nightlight making the water spouts clearly visible in the dark.

This water cooler is bottle-less with an NSF certified activated carbon filter (listed as model A4FILTER) and a sediment filter (listed as model A5FILTER) with a water line that can be attached to your water source. The filter will purify the tap water eliminating any chlorine, lead, rust, and bacteria. There is also a built-in leak detector to automatically monitor the water flow into the machine. It has incorporated a self-clean ozone function which will automatically clean the machine’s water tank with the injection of ozone by the press of a switch.

The dispensing area is 10×2. 5×9. 5 inches with 7. 5 inches of space below the spouts. The water cooler is UL listed and complies with all standards of Energy Star. Setup is easy and the unit can be connected directly to your existing sink water line. All parts necessary for installation are included.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Avalon in detail

Make more understand about the “Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Bottle less Water Cooler Water Dispenser – Hot & Cold Water, NSF Certified Filter- UL/Energy Star Approved- White” you should read below the product detail for:

  1. INSTALLATION KIT: Full installation kit consisting of 20′ of 1/4″ tubing, 3 way plastic 1/4″ push connect adapter, under sink 3/8″ adapter with shut off valve, filter flushing adapter, and detailed instructions with illustrations
  2. DUAL FILTRATION: Dual filters are included with the water cooler. This consists of a Sediment filter and a Carbon Block filter which will last 6 months or 1500 gallons
  3. HOT & COLD WATER SPOUTS: When you use our water cooler dispenser you can choose between a Crisp Cold & Piping Hot Output, making it ideal for cool refreshments or toasty beverages
  4. BOTTLELESS: Its water cooler is bottle less and will reduce the cost of constant purchases of water. The water is filtered with our dual filtration system consisting of a sediment filter and a carbon block filter
  5. SELF CLEANING FEATURE: The self-cleaning ozone feature sanitizes & purifies the dispenser, which prevents the accumulation of harmful germs & bacteria for your safety
  6. LIGHT THE WAY: This product was built-in nightlight makes the water spouts clearly visible at night & has a replace filter indicator that lights up when the filter needs to be replaced
  7. CHILD SAFE: The water cooler dispenser is UL/Energy Star Approved and features a child safety lock on the hot water spout so the entire family can use it worries free. Your children will not accidentally burn themselves and it’s good water purifier machine.


Please check the technical detail for the products


  • Brand Name
  • Model Info
  • Item Weight
  • Product Dimensions
  • Item model number
  • Capacity
  • Installation Type
  • Part Number
  • Form Factor
  • Color
  • Voltage
  • Connector Type
  • Material Type
  • Included Components
  • Batteries Included?
  • Batteries Required?


  • Avalon
  • 30 pounds
  • 15 x 12 x 19 inches
  • 6 cubic feet
  • Counter Top
  • Stand Alone
  • White
  • 115 volts
  • Water Line and Drain
  • Plastic
  • Water cooler, filter, installation kit
  • No
  • No


Please see the comparison of the product review with the similar products in the same series of product-line as stipulated below that we take from Amazon store as the key tool for you to select or making decision.

If we compare with other three purifier machines, the price (number 1) is acceptable and the quality we also get a favor from customer by provided the rating in the good level. Please noted that all these below products are available in the Amazon store. Please click here for ordering these products.


This is the advantages and disadvantage of using the Avalon purifier machine and the reason that you should it for your daily life.


  • Low cost if we compare with the using of bottle pure drinking water.
  • Easy to install and flexible with all location.
  • You get safe and tasty pure drinking water.
  • There are both Hot and Cold Water.
  • Consume less electricity.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Come with a child safety lock.
  • Build with nightlight visible in the dark.


  • Does not include water bottles.
  • Require electricity to operate.
  • Need attached to water source thus sometime can not fit to our requirement.


In conclusion when you have this machine which equipped with the good and modern technology, you feel easier and more comfortable to use. It also encourages you to take less time to produce/take the pure drinking water that convenience for you to take a water and drink regularly. You can buy this machine for your family members by installing at home or your daily work locations.

We are appreciate for you support and purchase this product if you are needed and we want to clarify that all the price you are selected is base on the Amazon store and the price doesn’t impact to your purchasing price when you care CLICK BUY HERE because we are the affiliate marketer who getting the commission fees provided by Amazon Store after you make an order the products.

If you have any doubts, questions, constructive comments, or sharing ideas, please drop comment below in the comment box. Thanks for your reading this article.

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