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August 19, 2020 8 By SORATH SEAN


This article I am writing for you guy who do not have work or who want to have a full time for their life. I want to share my choice and real life because right now I am a jobless guy in Cambodia, I have just resigned from my existing work as Business Director because I want to change the working environment and earned the new experiences. Most of my friends after they knew I was resigned from my work and do not find the new job they said the congratulation for me!!! I asked them WHY ? HAPPY WHEN I DON’T HAVE A JOB. The reason is they encouraged me to run a new business by myself no need to find a new job is better than work for others.

I felt very trouble after I am hear that word because I don’t have much money for running a business, but I appreciated what they recommended.



After I decided working for myself, I started to understand myself by focus on the knowledge, capacity, and how to run a business without money or how to start a business with little money ?

I founded that

  • KNOWLEDGE: Based on my educations and experiences more than 15 years from the front line staffs and upgrade to management level, I good enough for managing the personal business by myself.
  • CAPACITY: I have profession in accounting, and marketing and especially I earned a lot of knowledge related Digital Marketing because I have joint with the affiliate program with the specialist group such as WealthyAffiliate (WA).
  • LOW START UP COST: If I want to run a business by myself with little money the only thing is affiliate program.

That’s why I decide to select the business online is my next career by developing a new website for selling product online.

Below is the process in which I am stepping in the online business with the little money that you should take around 10 minutes to read for you guild line if you want to run an online business especially for affiliate program or sell production online.


Before I quid my job around a year I was search the way to make money online throughout the internet (Google) as a result I founded a lot of scams business source and some source is real but too expensive for joining the membership. Finally, I get the real source with the low start up cost is WA.

Please remember that no sources are free for make money online because the free options also limit the scope of works. You can use some free tools but not all, if you want to attract the targeted clients or audiences you should find the attractive platform, but need some cost.

In February 2020, I started joint the program with Wealthy Affiliate Program with Free you can start with it as well, you will get the best experience with Wealthy Affiliate Program more than what I told.


In order to build a business online successfully you need to follow the practical steps

  • Step ONE – Choose you Interest: You must identify products or services you want to sell in the digital network by creating the niche brand of idea for creating the website, for example I want to sell the product online thus the name of my website must include the world “Online” or “Electronic (E)” and at the end we select the website named i.e. SVR is the abbreviation of my wife’s name, E mean Electronic, and Sale means the selling process. Thus, when the audiences are looking this website brand them the meaning of selling products in online.


  • Step Two – Building you website: After you must create a professional website, the purpose is for selling products or services online by referring clients or audiences to buy products or services which display or put the link on you website. For this step we recommend you to buy the professional domain name and web hosting, that’s why I said to build business online is need to spend some cost on domain and hosting service, but the cost not too much. You can make an order through WA or other source, it’s up to you. In case you do not know and you are the member of WA I would like to recommend you should purchase the hosting from WA because there are free package you can use up to 25 domains.

For my website, I purchased the domain and hosting from Wealthy Affiliate Program because I don’t have much experience related building website, domain and hosting to make it’s easy WA is the preferable.

Currently I am selling the AMAZON PRODUCTS by doing affiliate marketing program and promote the Amazon Products with the social medial such as pinterest, telegram, Instagram, facebook etc.

  • Step Three – Attracting you Clients or Audiences: This is the very important point that you need to know because it’s the same as the marketing strategy. Even though you website is perfect and very attractive as you have a good shop with the best design, but the clients do not come and buy you products if they don’t know you shop. To make clients buy you products firstly make them know you are running a shop. Thus you should to promote you website to reach you target markets, clients or audiences.
  • Step Four – Earning money as much as you want: After you website gets traffic, people know about you site mean you shop have the clients to enter. This is the good opportunity for you to sell the products or services, you can display all products whatever you want the same to the online store you can do all kine of business online, but be consider the condition of you site fit to you selected products or not.


Please take into account of focusing on the quality of you products or services if you want the existing clients come to you site again and again.


All businesses you can not remain the same condition without update you products or services because today is the High-Tech era and all businesses are equipped with technology. For maintenance clients or audiences you should develop all the sectors of you business by make more research and get more skill to improve you site.


After I start doing business online with the affiliate marketing by focusing only selling AMAZON PRODUCTS with my website and I committed with my 6 moths plan to make money, but the result appear just only 3 months. I can sell out AMAZON PRODUCTS and have earned commission from it.

!!!! DONE!!! I CAN DO IT! I believe you also can do.

Please noted that I do follow the step with the lesson in WEALTHY AFFILIATE, if you want to success you should follow all recommended steps as well.


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