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August 21, 2020 8 By SORATH SEAN


You always remember to the Amazon website or Amazon Web Services (AWS) when we talk about the online business because it is the biggest online business in the world. Amazon is creating revenues a hundred billion a year.


Amazon reported its second quarter revenue on July 30, 2020, in the amount of $ 88.9 Billions, net income of $5.2 billion, and earnings per share of $10.30.

The source of revenues are

The source of revenue is

  • North American sales were up $55.4 billion
  • International sales is $22.7 billion.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is $10.8 Billion.

Let’s talk about the Amazon Web Services (AWS) which earn $10.8 billion 12% of revenues, but get operating income $3.4 billion, the 57% of Amazon’s total operating income.

This article we want to introduce the top men fashion brands which are selling in the Amazon Web Services (AWS).


In Amazon Web Services (AWS), there are a thousand of brands available in the online store (AWS) for clients making an order. This article I will convey you the top three brands in Amazon. Please noted that the top brand here I offered to the brands that have most products on sales in the Amazon’s store, we do not rank the brand by following some organizations, institutions, or other websites.

You can visit this link ” The best clothes for men ” if you want to check the best clothes for men which ranked by one website named ” Rand a Brand ” and the method of ranking those clothes brands. On the other hand you can find out the ” Top 10 clothes brands ” that ranked by the total volume of sales for each brand.

Looking back to the Amazon Web Services (AWS), the top three brands that available on the store are


Goodthreads is the brand label of clothes and footwear for men and women was launched by Amazon in 2017, this Goodthreads is Amazon’s primary middle level Prime Fashion Brand for men and women with variety of styles and models and can use for daily activities or work.

For making an order Goodthreads brand products you can visit the Amazon Web Services (AWS) or click the following links:


Among launching the new brand in 2017 with Goodthreads, Amazon also launched Amazon Essentials in the same time, Amazon Essentials is also the brand of clothes and footwear for men and women.

You can make an order this kind of products or brand in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the following links:


Coofandy is a professional men business shirts, fashion zip hoodie, coats & jackets, sweater shirts shop on Amazon, Coofandy have been constantly developing and trying to create the best casual men clothing for our customers. This brand are committed to provide high-quality products and services to its customers.

Coofandy is a well-accepted men’s brand from China. With its year’s efforts, Coofandy is known for its exquisite. It has been dedicated to provide comfortable and fashionable apparel for those men who are confident and independent with uplifting spirit. Coofandy believes in “Customer comes first.” It has been and will continue providing the best products and services to its customers.

Below are some product of COOFANDY that you can make an order throughout the Amazon Web Services (AWS) including:


Lastly the above three brands is the most products available in the Amazon store. This product is not the most expensive brands, it was made for the middle level or class customers with the reasonable prices and acceptable quality for your daily life.

You can find the other brands in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) if you do not comfort with the above brands by visiting the Amazon’s store or click the lick Amazon’s Store for more products in Amazon.

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