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How to Buy Online Product, Chinese Product Sourcing?

December 4, 2021 2 By SORATH SEAN

Online business is very popular business in the decade of 2022, That’s the reason this article was written. There are many ways for earning money by online or we can say make money from home. Below are the most popular online business in the current time:

  1. Drop Shopping
  2. E-Commerce Store
  3. Affiliate Program
  4. Blogging
  5. Fill Out Online Surveys
  6. Do Services on Fiverr
  7. Auction Online

This article, I will illustrate the Drop Shopping Business and guided you how to buy the online products via the e-commerce or online stores’ website in the world especially purchasing product from china’s websites.

Most people really want to know where is the best and secured place for buying products online. They’re afraid of buying the fake or artificial products such as my experience I have faced with faking online store, please read more detail here on “The cheap online clothing stores” I will tell you more about the ways to buy real products and avoid fake e-commerce stores’.

Let’s talking on “How to buy the online product”?

Selecting The Trust E-Commerce Store

Firstly, you must identify or find the trusted website or e-commerce store, you can not just buy the products from the source you don’t have any experience with.

In case, you don’t experience of buying online products, I would like to recommend some e-commerce stores’ that I used to buy some products for my personal usage and my local e-commerce store or my Facebook Page in Cambodia.

There are many trust websites or e-commerce stores’ you can order by online as below:

  1. In Asia, the most popular and trust website for ordering online products is Alibaba Group included TaoBao, AliExpress, Alipay and so on.
  2. In America, there are two main e-commerce stores’ such as Amazon, and eBay. For Amazon’s store, there are so many locations around the world included United States Of America, Canada, European Union, India, Australia, Japan, Singapore and other some regions, for more detail please read the “AMAZON SITESTRIPE“.

I just recommend the above websites because it’s the trusted stores’ and I eared experience from them. If you want to order don’t forget these stores’ and you can select the links I have put in these articles, it’s the part of supporting me for my affiliated program and I can earn some commission from your purchasing of your favorite products.

If you want to order the products from Amazon Store and select your nearest locations, please check the “AMAZON SITESTRIPE” and if you want to know how to buy products from Amazon please check “Amazon online shopping store, fast and easy“.

Below topic is great for you want to order online product from china, especial from the website TOABOA.

The Best E-commerce Stores In Asia

If you want to purchase products and looking for the e-commerce stores’ from Asia source you will remember the Alibaba Group.

Alibaba Group, the Chinese based public company providing the e-commerce stores’, retail store, technology, and internet services in China and the world.

You can buy the cheapest products from China with many options.

  • For Global customers Alibaba is providing two sources as below:
  1., the part of the Alibaba Group created in 1999, is the e-commerce platform provide for the business wholesales buyer (B2B) not only in China but also in the world making order the products directly from the factories in China. For more detail please check this site the platform’s template in English language, thus it’s the easy tool for people who know English.
  2. AliExpress also the part of Alibaba Group in 2010, this e-commerce platform provides the retail products directly to the retail users, customers or retailers (B2C) in the world. This platform is fit to the guys who are staying outside China. The AliExpress also provides template in English for retail users. For more detail please look this site it makes you more convenience for ordering products.
  3. Alipay is the mobile online payment platform established by Alibaba Group in 2004. Beside the payments tools, this platform is providing the options for ordering products from AliExpress as well. The template of the platform developed in English.
  • For Chinese people, Alibaba Group developed e-commerce website for local customers and users. This website is not only use for the local consumers, but also for international retail users as well. If you can speak or know the Chinese language, you can make an order the products from this site. In case, you don’t know Chinese language you can translate the Chinese language into English by using the browser of in the laptops or desktop, but if you use the telephone app you only use the Chinese language.

What is ToaBao Ecommerce Store?

ToaBoa is the Chinese e-commerce store, it’s part of Alibaba Group, was launched in May 2003. It’s the well-known online store, the platform that facilitate consumers to consumers (C2C), targeting for Chinese people only. The ToaBoa’s platform is providing customers to register their shop and selling the products to their targeted clients.

  • Name of the e-commerce store is “TaoBao”.
  • You can access this web store by
  • It’s the well-known website for e-commerce in China (C2C).
  • Platform was developed in Chinese language.

In case, you don’t know Chinese, you can translate into English by using the google translate extension in the browser of your computer, but if you use the telephone App, there is not any options for translate into English and follow each step for starting the purchase or order goods from TaoBao.

How To Buy Online Product From TaoBoa?

We reminded that TaoBao is the Chinese local market place platform facilitate the buyers and sellers selling their products with the cheapest prices.

Starting purchase products from ToaBoa, you need to:

  • Register or create account with Taobao web store, but this platform created for Chinese people who have an address in China and use China’s phone number only. Please noted that you can download ToaBoa App from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) or you can sign-up with the web browsers of your computers.
  • For foreigners who stay outside China and doesn’t use China’s telephone and want to create account with TaoBao, firstly register account with Alipay for setting up the payment tool, the Alipay was used for registering account with TaoBao only when you make payment of purchasing we recommend you use Visa Card or Master Card. Alipay’s App is available with App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) or you can sign-up with the web browsers of your computers.
  • Visa or Master Cards of any banks are the tools of settlement for ordering products from Taobao, it’s the key tools for people who are not living in China can make an order the cheapest products from ToaBoa store.

Ordering Process With TaoBao

Below are the steps of ordering products with TaoBao Store,

Step ONE-Open the TaoBao App

There are two options for opening the TaoBao store i.e with Phone’s App and Web’s browser such as the following showed

  • Open by using the Smart Phone, the e-commerce store has only Chinese language because the main target is local people who live in China. Thus require you know Chinese language.
  • Using web’s browser, is easier than App because you can use Google’s translate into English. In case, you are not in China, require you sign-up with Alipay settlement platform then use your Alipay’s account log-in with the TaoBao store.

Step TWO-Understand Some ToaBoa’s Template

ForTaoBao’s template, I show you by using smart phone’s App, there are some figures you need to know before make an order the product in the stores’ as follows:

  1. Home Page: is the standard home page of the TaoBao store that provide some of the product pictures as shown in the picture on the right.
  2. FeedBack Page: the place you can show or comments on your feeling about the products.
  3. Massage Tool: for receiving or sending message from or to your people in the stores’ such as seller inform you about the products or payment process and shipping information etc.
  4. Shopping Cart: this page show you about the products that you selected but you so not make the payment.
  5. Profile Page: more detail on you and your activities in the stores’. This page also provide you all tool such as Ordering Status and shipment process of your products you ordered.

Please noted that before you make an order any products in the TaoBao Store you need to set-up all your information and select the consignee (Shipping Company Warehouse) in China and your current address.

Products Picture (Products Figures): show you all products available in the store, you can select any products you want to order or do some search for your favorite products in the sear box at the top of the home page screen.

We remember, if you have any experiences with AliExpress store (E-Commerce) is very easy for you of using ToaBoa store because both platforms are very similarly and is good for you who don’t know Chinese language.


Step TREE-Products Figures

Before making an order the products with TaoBao, please log-in to the TaoBao’s App (Smart Phone) or Web’s address (Web’s Browser) and following the process as below:

  1. Select products you want to buy, you will see the more detail of the products figures, you can select the styles, colors, sizes, and other options of the products including the prices of the products.
  2. Below the products figures you can see the prices of the products in Chinese Youn (CNY) or Renminbi (RMB).
  3. In the TaoBao App also provide the price converted into United States Dollars (USD), but in the web’s browser has only the price in Chinese Youn (CNY) or Reminbi (RMB).
  4. Two Icons at the below are Added To Cart and BuyNow. Add to Cart is the place you want to buy but not yet to pay at the moment.
  5. If you want to buy and making payment now, please select the Icon of BuyNow. For make the payment you need to have the Master Card or Visa Card.

Please noted that all Master Card and Visal Card from any banks in the world are available for purchasing products from TaoBao e-commerce store.

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Step FOUR-Making An Order

After you find out your favorite products, there are NINE steps you need to apply for making an order the products from TaoBao Store as following:

  1. Products Selection: Check more detail about your products make sure It’s your favorite or you like the most. The best ways to identify the quality of the products before you make an order from TaoBao store, there are 2 points you need to check are (1) check the number of monthly sales, if the products is high volume of sales in the month mean the quality the products are also adaptable and (2) Cumulative Evaluation, is the evaluation from the customers who getting experience from buying these products. Customers provide the product reviews to the shop, if the rate of the reviews or evaluation is high is good to buy for the product.
  2. Buy Now: Buy Now is Icon provide the options for you to selection this option mean you decide to buy the production immediately, thus the next step you need to fill some information before confirming to buy this product.
  3. Choose Style: In each product figure, there are many styles of product can select such as size, color, body styles and so on. Please select the right once and fit to you.
  4. Select The Price: The price of the products is based on the styles, color or sizes, thus before confirming the order please check the prices to make sure it’s in the right phase for making the order.
  5. Select The Order: after checking the styles, color, or size and check the prices, you can select and order icon to continue to the next step.
  6. Filling Shipping Information: in case, you don’t filling the shipping information in your profile account, please fill all information in here. For the guy who are not staying in China must set two address, first address is the warehouse of the consignees (The Express Company) in China for ordering the products from the sellers’ stores’ to the shipping company warehouse. Secondly your real address for shipping company bring the ordered products to you by just setting your permanent address with the shipping company.
  7. Filling The Bank’s Cards: TaoBao store provides the option of payment with both Master and Visa Card, thus please fill-in your bank’s cards information in these sections such as your name in the card, card number, card expiration, and CVV. I am very appreciated recommending you to use the Visa Virtual Card and Virtual MasterCard to avoid the hacking from the hackers.
  8. Check The Total Price: before confirming your payment, please check the price of ordering products such as the original price, discounts, coupon allowances, and insurance amounts as a result is the total of payment.
  9. Confirm Your Order: lastly after check all components find out is OK, please click the Confirmation button for confirming the payment process.

Right now can you purchase the products from TaoBao Store by yourselves and then please follow up your ordered products in the TaoBao’s App and Shipping company’s App.

The Next article I will talk about the steps to follow up the ordered products from Toabao stores.

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