How To Track The Parcels From China

How To Track The Parcels From China?

April 20, 2022 4 By SORATH SEAN


After you make an order some products via the online, e-commerce stores, the next steps you need to know how to track the parcels from China. We will detail the way and procedure to follow up the bought products from the warehouse of sellers to your designated location and to make sure it 100% (hundred percent) reach your home.

If you are interesting with order products online, both the online businesses or individual have to clear about the steps of checking your products’ parcels.

This article I will show you the tips on how to track the parcels from China, To make more easy to understand I raise an example from the real process of buying the product from website ToaBoa.

Why we order products from ToaBoa?

Honestly and the easy question is we are trust on ToaBoa website for purchase online products in China the rest we are not trust because we get the experiences by ordering the scamp website (read this article for finding out the scamp online stores). On the other hand ToaBoa is the family member of big cooperation, Alibaba Group.

If you buy the products in the online stores I would like to recommend you the best platform in Asia is, there are main 2 online stores in the United States of America are Amazon Store and eBay. But for other country you can make an order from this AMAZON SITESTRIPE, You can make an order in your country.

What is the procedures of tracking ordered products?

Before making an order you should ready of the following points

  • Select the right of your local express that available with the suppliers or sellers.
  • Complete the shipping information before making the order.

Select the right local express company.

There are my express or transportation companies in your country that transport the products from seller to buyers, you. For example in Cambodia, in case we buy products from TaoBao, the Chinese base operation company. We need to look for the local express companies who can provide this services to us.

There are many local express companies such as GHT Express, Cambodian Express, J&T Express, Best Express, and ZTO Express etc.. These companies have office in Cambodia and China, they can bring the products from China by Ship, Air, or Truck.

Thus we have multi option for transporting the products base your requirement such as time, budgets, or urgency etc.. For us, We usually select GHT Express for shipping the products form China and mostly by Truck because the cost is more cheaper than other ways and need 10 days long.

Complete the shipping information before making the order

You need to complete the shipping information first because easy inform suppliers or seller during the order process. There are two shipping location you need to fill in such as below:

Step-1: Fill your current address to your local express company

After you register your name with the local express, for us we register our name with GHT Express, we have to fill all information in the profile, complete our current address, settlement method, consolidation of shipping, and contact information for GHT Express contact us when the products are arrived Cambodia, our country.

The GHT Express will bring the product direct to our home directly, for service charge depend on your location and the express company’s policy.

For example our current address that we put in the GHT Express’s platform is “No 2BE0, Road Betong, O-Andaung Village, Group 5, Sangkat Prek Pra, Khan Chbar Ampov”

After you completed all above information you will get the right address of the GHT Express in China. This address you need to complete in the ToaBoa website.

Step-2: Fill the address of your local express warehouse with ToaBoa in China

You must complete the address of your local express, GHT Express with the ToaBoa website, make sure the address is correct because when you make an order your products will transport directly from supplier warehouse to GHT Express in China.

For example the GHT express in China that we fill in the ToaBoa website is “No. 11, Nanxian Road, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province [BY LAND], turn to GHT815095, tel: 092650696”.

After GHT Express in China received the ordered products from Chinses suppliers or sellers, GHT will transfer the products to GHT Express in Cambodia

Please noted that:  

  1. Why the process of filling address in very complicated? Because we are purchasing from TaoBao website. ToaBao is the e-commerce store mainly developed for Chinese clients. The target of TaoBao is Chinese, that’s why the people who make an order must have location in China.
  2. Why don’t we purchase from other websites? Because the price of products is cheaper than other website.
  3. In Alibaba Group, there are may e-commerce stores such as Alipay, AliExpress, the price more expensive than TaoBao and easy to fill the shipping address such as Amazon or eBay by just completing your permanent address and then they will deliver directly to your home.
  4. TaoBao’s website or App only Chinese language, if you do not know Chinese language we recommend you to use PC because in PC you can install the translate exitance of Google Chrome, then you can read and make an order.

Tracking From China To Your Home

You have to complete the above information for both your current address in GHT Express located in Cambodia and GHT Express’s Address in China with Toaboa website. It’s mean that you are ready for making an order the products from China with TaoBao website.

For the process of making order TaoBao’s products please read the article on How to Buy Online Product, Chinese Product Sourcing for detail.

After make an order and then sellers are packaging the products for delivering to you,  they will give you a tracking number to for following up your parcels from the sellers.

There are two steps for tracking the parcels with TaoBao as follow:

  • Step-1:Tracking with TaoBao

Sellers will sent you the Tracking Number to you in tracking website, in Message Tab, or you can see the Pending Receipt Tab (Check the below Picture) alert you the information. Please check and check your products that you order.

The TaoBao will update all information related to your products, please check the above picture until the products arrive GHT Express warehouse in China.

Thus all traction information of products will end, it’s mean you received products from sellers and transfer the obligation to GHT Express responsible.

  • Step-2: Tracking with GHT Express

The product reach GHT Express’s warehouse in China, you can use the tracking number in the GHT Express, it will appear the next flow of your products activities.

Please check the tracking information in the above picture. All information will alert you of the process until the products arrive Cambodia.

When arrived GHT Express Cambodia warehouse, the delivery staffs will contact to you for confirm the delivering location for them bring the products to your home.

That’s all, you get the products, you need to pay the delivery fees for GHT Express, whereas the fee in China you paid already during you make an order and paid for products fees.

Please noted that:

  • If you make order product from China with AliExpress or Alipay you no need to track by two steps above. It’s just one step enough.
  • Some products in China do not have local transportation fees base on policies of sellers and TaoBao.

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