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Health problems of newborn

February 21, 2020 2 By SORATH SEAN

A healthy baby can breathe easily, should breastfeed every two to four hours and wake themselves when hungry or wet. The baby’s skin should be clean, and clear and a slight rash or itch will disappear within a few days, if do not recover on their own, they can have health problems and should be rescued early.

Please note that the diseases that can kill an adult in a few days or weeks can kill a baby in just a few hours.


Lesions or infections in newborns are extremely dangerous and require treatment that using the antibiotic. It depends on the distance to the health center and what medications that is available? You should seek help immediately or treat yourself, even if the helpers are on your way.



  • Shortly Breathe: More than 60 breaths per minute during sleep or rest.
  • Respiratory Tract Obstruction: chest block, nasal congestion, respiratory problems, difficulty breathing during sleep or rest.
  • Fever: The fever above 37.5 ° C or low temperature below 35.5 ° C.
  • Severe itching: with acne or blisters (if minor rashes are normal).
  • No breastfeeding
  • Sleeping unconsciously: does not seem to respond to you.
  • Seizures: loss of consciousness and convulsions.

One of these signs is indicated that the baby may be infected. If the baby has more than one of these Symptoms, the baby is in danger and will need treatment immediately. If there is only one point, but it does not heal quickly, the baby needs treatment.

If the mother has a fever while giving birth, be careful and observe the danger signs for the fetus. For example, like a baby in its mother’s womb, the baby will breathe with the stools at birth (Amniotic fluid Or stools, a mixture of dark brown and green is from the stools, or the baby’s skin may also become yellowish). This case causes an infection in the lungs in the first few days, so be prepared to treat the baby as soon as possible. When symptoms first appear.


Immediate treatment with AMPICILIN and GENTAMICIN and continue for 5 days. The dosage of the medication is based on the weight of the baby.

The baby should get better in 2 days. But if the baby is still not feeling well, another antibiotic may be needed to save the baby. Take the baby to the hospital.


Some babies cry more than others. Some babies may cry a lot is a normal if they have a normal health. Please check the baby for normal breathing or not when crying.

Babies cry almost all the time, they are crying at night (baby cries), but it will get better in about three months, it is very difficult for the babies and their families. You have to be kind to women who just become mothers. Make sure they get enough rest and help her as needed.

If the baby cries for most of the day, refuses to eat, has a fever or has trouble breathing, signs of infection


Sometimes the babies commit and milk cough, coming out through the mouth or nose a lot. Vomiting is not a long-term problem as long as the baby lays frequent and gaining weight. Try to keep the baby upright after feeding or breastfeeding. The baby will also vomit if forced by the feeding or over-feeding.


  • The baby vomits repeatedly or is unable to store food in the abdomen.
  • Baby vomits blood.
  • Dehydration signs.


The baby is dehydrated easily and the dehydrated baby is facing the most danger.


  • Oliguria (Urinate less), dark urine and foul smell.
  • Dry mouth and tongue.
  • The eyes or skin look very opaque or translucent.


  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting.
  • Less frequent breastfeeding is longer than every two to four hours.
  • Eat or drink something other than breast feeding (milk, porridge or water).
  • The weather is hot.

Severe dehydration can cause the eyes socket, pelvis fontanel, weight loss, and unresponsiveness.


Firstly, we must trying to provide the baby who has dehydration, diarrhea, or vomit with the enough water. Let the baby drinks the water every two hours. You can give the Oral Dehydration Drink (simply water mixed with sugar and a little salt). If the baby is dehydrated in a few hours and still not better, please consult with the professional medical doctors urgently.


Newborns have skin rashes, bruises, and discoloration, but they are not harmful and will Disappear spontaneously. The rash on the baby’s anus is caused by the moisture of the urine and stools. Wash them often, change their diapers and clothes as soon as they are wet and stained. For babies who are a little over a month old, you should have the baby nude in the buttock for air when the weather is hot because it can help the rash is healed. Applying a medicated ointment thinly and superficially with Zn oxide cream can help. But if it does not heal within three days, it can get yeast infections, please use the cream, NYSTATIN.

If the baby has a rash or is particularly sensitive to fever or fever, the baby may be infected. If they are not better, it can be a very serious sign of infection. Please consult with the professional doctor before using the medicine.


Yellow skin or yellow eyes is called jaundice. For a skinny baby, get an eye exam. Jaundice can occur two to five days after birth. It is not a danger sign. The best treatment is to try to breastfeed as often as possible, so that the baby will excrete all the chemicals that it cause jaundice. Wake the baby every two hours, and let the baby heat in the morning sunshine for 15 minutes every few days.


  • Symptoms begin within the first 24 hours after birth.
  • Later, jaundice can also occur throughout the body.
  • Jaundice is very sleepy and can’t easily wake up to eat.
  • Seek help if these signs occur.


Small holes that produce tears and oil for wet eyes, which flow normally. It can no longer see out and the eyes are sticky. You should use a warm, damp tower wiping from one eye to the other, using clean chunks. This way, if one eye is infected, it will not go to the another.

Eyelids swelled and pus after 5 days of birth due to chlamydia. Thus let the baby take the antibiotic medicine of Erythromycin by grinding and mixing with breast milk. Moms and dads should treat chlamydia. If the infected baby’s eyes do not recover within a day or two, you will need to ask for other antibiotics. Baby’s eyes are not blind. Seek help immediately.


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