Forex Trading-By Daniel R. Chips

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Forex Trading:The Basics Explained in a Few Simple Steps, Learn the Best Definitive Trading Guide for Beginners to Make Money, All Strategies, Tools, Tactics and, Tricks

Are you looking to make a tonne of money from the comfort of your own home? Are you trying to raise a family and need a little more money on the side to help you with bills and payments? Are you surprised that sometimes, out of the blue and in unexpected times and places you are suddenly blindsided by the desire to seize control of your own destiny and become your own boss with control over your own business?

Then this audiobook is for you!

A brief insight of this audiobook…

TForex, or possibly foreign exchange, may be described as a method of buyers and sellers, who transmit currency between each other at an agreed printer. It is the means by which individuals, central banks and businesses change one currency into another – just in case you have formerly traveled abroad, then it is quite possible you have developed a Forex transaction.

Forex Trading is fast becoming a way for you to benefit from home and make money online with a little cash to start-up in your spare time.

Forex Trading contains sections on the following topics:

  • Why Trade Forex?
  • Cons and Pros of Forex Trading
  • Vital Concepts of Forex Trading
  • Leveraged Trading
  • Forex Trading Account
  • The Best Way to Trade Forex
  • Types of Forex Trading Strategies
  • Types of Forex Traders
  • Currency Trading in Forex Trading
  • Currency Forward

Who is this audiobook for?

This audiobook is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online using Forex Trading and live life, to move on from worrying about money and bills every month and to experience a fuller, more positive way of living.

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